Branding Questionnaire

This one seems like an obvious question but it is so important to know the answer. What are your goals for your social media? Are you hoping to translate your followers into paying customers? Are you hoping to build a credible and trusted brand? Knowing what your goal is will help you define who your audience should be and what you will post to get that audience to invest in your company.
The more specific, the better. Are you targeting men or women? Both? How old are they? What are they reading? Where do they live? What do they like to do on the weekends? And most importantly, what is important to them? These are just examples to get you started but the more you think of the exact clientele you are wishing to attract, the more likely we are to attract them. Every time we post, we'll be thinking of a very particular person in mind.
What services will you need? *
Check all that apply.
If you have any ideas, write them below. If not, skip this for now and we can talk about it together. (Examples: Educating your Clients/Customers, Behind the Scenes, Environmentalism (Causes you care about), Meet the Team, New Science in the Industry, Adventure/Travel)
Write them here.

Congratulations! You finished my questionnaire. We’re one step closer to building you a social media page that showcases all the strengths of you and your company. I’ll be in touch soon with a clarified vision!